Rotary Youth Programs

Rotary Clubs across Australia sponsor young people in the development of skills in the areas of communication, leadership, road safety / driver awareness, resilience and self esteem and in furthering their career aspirations in the areas of mathematics and science.
Central Blue Mountains Rotary Club is keen to see the youth of the Mountains develop in all of the above areas.  The Club participates in many of these Rotary Youth Programs.  A few examples are set out below.
 RYLA is a 7 day residential leadership seminar for aspiring leaders aged 18 - 25 years.  The week incorporates a lot of self development through a variety of mechanisms including reflection (individually & as a team), team work, sports and outdoor activities, dancing and many others.  Participants can seize the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and problem solving skills, can practice new behaviours, forge life-long friends and challenge their own personal belief systems and values.
RYPEN provides a group of young people aged 15-17 an opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills.
This weekend long program will see you engage with like-minded people, while having fun and learning new skills in areas such as problem solving and public speaking. On top of learning these skills RYPEN will give you a chance to put them to practical use, through debate and physical activity.
Exchange Information
Rotary Youth Exchange is registrated with State and Territory Education Authorities to provide Secondary Student Exchange Programs.
Each year thousands of young people worldwide are given an opportunity to experience the cultures And accomplishments of people in other countries.
During your exchange, you will grow considerably in self-confidence, tolerance and self-reliance.
You'll also learn to accept greater responsibility in your everyday life.
From a returning exchange student - "My youth exchange year was one of incredible change and growth for me. In addition to seeing so much of the rest of the world, and making such wonderful friends, I changed in ways I never knew were possible. Thank you Rotary for the best year of my life!"
You will have to adapt to unfamiliar and different surroundings and ways of life that are different from home.
For some this will be the first extended period of separation from their family.
This will bring about many trials and tribulations which you will need to overcome and by so doing develop many "survival skills".
To live away from home for the 50 weeks duration of the exchange is a demanding yet rewarding experience. It is not always smooth sailing and requires a great strength of character, tolerance and an understanding of the acceptance personal responsibility.

The exchange provides a unique opportunity for young Australians to experience at first hand the many cultures of a different country, a new way of life and in some instances another language. Often, the friendships they make will be life long and important in achieving the aims of the exchange - the building of goodwill and understanding between countries.

As a Rotary Youth Exchange you'll have:
♦  An opportunity to develop your personal self confidence and maturity
♦  An opportunity to develop a lifetime of international friendships
♦  An opportunity to develop a real understanding of many different cultures
♦  An opportunity to develop new language skills
♦  An opportunity to develop a base for future education and career goals
♦  An opportunity to develop in many ways
For Year 11 students passionate about science, NYSF gives an opportunity to visit a large variety of some of Australia’s leading scientific facilities and talk to many of our top scientists enabling informed career choices to be made.
It's also a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people and establish professional relations and life-long friendships.

The Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) is a significant international Rotary youth program in which our District participates.
 Senior high school students develop an awareness of the United Nations and the countries they represent at a simulated UN Assembly.  The event provides an excellent forum for students to develop and practice their public speaking skills whilst debating on topical world issues.
 MUNA has been held in many Rotary Districts around Australia since 1980.  The team that places first in MUNA in our district is invited to compete at the Australian National MUNA at the Old Parliament House in Canberra.   The first National MUNA took place in August 1997.
The United Nations continues to give enthusiastic support for the ongoing growth of this worthwhile project for youth.

The Science & Engineering Challenge is a one day event designed to show Year 10 students that science isn’t just for nerds.
It can be fun so should be considered for their year 11 and 12 curriculum.  Each school sends a team of 24-32 students to compete against teams from 7 other schools.  The activities involve the involuntary application of principles of science, engineering and technology with a minimum of introduction and theory.
There is no cost to students or schools. Invitations are sent to all high schools in March for events held at various venues in May, June and July.
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