Central Blue
Mountains Rotary
has a mission
We have been awarded a RAWCS Project Fund
(tax deductible donations) to raise A$280,000
to construct a new, enlarged
Astha Home for Girls in Kathmandu, Nepal
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A scene of devastation which occurred when Kathmandu was struck by an earthquake in 2015.
The construction of a purpose built home
with capacity for an expanded number of girls is now urgent....
Will you help ?
The massive earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, caused much upheaval to the lives of many people and destroyed or damaged many homes and buildings, especially in the hills and valleys outside of Kathmandu.
The Astha Home for Girls is currently located in rented premises but the owner wants it back for his family members who lost their home in the earthquake.
It is virtually impossible to find suitable and safe premises to rent in Kathmandu as a result of the earthquake induced demand for accommodation.
Also, a lack of tenant protection legislation and rising rents accentuates the problem and the risks for the Astha Home.
A new premises for the Astha Home is urgent and it has been decided that the best solution is to construct a purpose built home with capacity for an expanded number of girls.
They are now confident, intelligent, skilled young women with poise, elegance and social skills that will enable them to succeed in life.
The Rotary Club of Central Blue Mountains has been involved with the Astha Home for Girls, Kathmandu, since 2012, providing a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant and, more recently, providing direct financial support for the latest arrival at the home.
The Astha Home is a government registered charity, run by a board and complying each year with government legislation.
Now, there is a desperate need for new premises to house about 15 young girls and provide accommodation for older girls while they complete their professional training.
The girls are ready for a day at school  
This is a large project and help from many people will be required which is why we are casting our net wide.
Even large and seemingly insurmountable problems can be realized when broken down into many small pieces.  Will you help?
The girls shortly after being rescued in 2005
The Astha Home for Girls was formally established with the financial and physical assistance of a Nepali restaurant owner, the Himalayan Patan Rotary Club, a Canadian volunteer, and a New Zealand rural development consultant with long time experience in Nepal.
Central Blue Mountains Rotary became involved when a past president and his wife, visiting Nepal, promised the club’s support for a 10 year-old girl who was at great risk of being taken to the brothels of Mumbai by a close family member.
She was immediately taken into the protection of the Astha Home, and in this supportive environment she has excelled.
The original eight girls were from Humla, a very impoverished District in North Western Nepal. When they were rescued from being trafficked into India and beyond and taken into care, they were illiterate, dirty, and totally lacking in social graces and life skills.
They were given baths, clean clothes and fed properly.   Then their schooling and training in social and life skills began.
They all attend, first a charity school and later a local, well-respected school in Kathmandu where they have excelled over the 10 years since they were rescued, and passed their School Leaving Certificate with a Division 1 pass. All this under the loving care of a competent house mother.
One of the girls is now training to be a nurse, and eight more will commence training in nursing, teaching, accountancy and social work after they complete their schooling.
Central Blue Mountains Rotary has been awarded a RAWCS Project Fund (tax deductible donations) to raise the A$280,000 needed to construct a new, enlarged Astha Home for Girls.
The proposed new premises would be able to house some 15 young girls as well as providing accommodation for the older girls while they complete their professional training.
Please assist us with your generosity and enable us to give back a life of hope and opportunity to many more young girls who may otherwise be destined for a life of slavery, prostitution, drudgery and degradation.
Tax deductible donations made in Australia or New Zealand can be paid to:
RAWCS Website “Astha Home for Girls” Nepal https://directory.rawcs.com.au/ProjectDisplay.aspx?ID=997
go to RAWCS Website and follow prompts for Donations
(Project No. 44/ 2016-17)
New Zealand:
Astha Home for Girls (Nepal/New Zealand) A/c No.12-3136-0138707-00
Charities Commission No. 50311