The direction of Australian Rotary Health research into mental health, is of vital importance to us all, particularly since statistics clearly demonstrate the staggering fact that the age when problems start is dropping alarmingly and youth suicides are on the increase.  We owe it to the children of our country to help NOW.
11th October 2017
A very successful Aussie Hat Night was held at the GrandView Hotel, Wentworth Falls on Wednesday 11th October 2017.  Central Blue were joined by a host of Rotarians from the other Blue Mountains Rotary clubs. 
Central Blue extends warm thanks to all those who attended and made this night of fun and frivolity such a great success.  The greatest success was the sum of money raised to support "Australia Rotary Health" research into mental health.
Just some of the Aussie Hats are shown below,  Many thanks to our photographers Vivianne Byrnes and Jennifer Scott.