Central Blue Mountains Rotary are fortunate to have hosted many interesting Guest Speakers over recent months.  We thank them for their time and effort in contributing to the overall success of our club meetings.
Wednesday November 2nd 2017
Noel Burgess & Felicity Anderson ("Woodford Academy")
Woodford Academy
Noel Burgess and Felicity Anderson delivered an interesting and informative address outlining the history leading up to the current activities carried out at Woodford Academy.
Woodford Academy
The Woodford Academy is the oldest complex of colonial buildings in the Blue Mountains and is of state heritage significance.
Built originally as an Inn in the 1830s, the property has had a multi-layered history, also operating over the years as a gentleman’s residence, guest house, boarding house and from 1907-1936 under the ownership of John McManamey as an exclusive school – Woodford Academy.
Seriously ‘Old School’
The Woodford Academy offers school students the chance to study history from a rich primary source. 
The site presents evidence for studies in local history, community, colonisation, exploration and technology. Through viewing the buildings and their contents, children develop an understanding of past technologies and lifestyles.

Wednesday October 25th 2017
Jeanette Hansen (Timebanking)
Timebanking is a community program that allows the voluntary exchange of services between members.
It's as simple as give an hour, receive an hour: by giving one hour to help another member, you earn one hour of time credits which can be used to receive services that are of personal value such as dog walking, ironing, community gardening, massage, language tuition, painting, administrative assistance ..... you're only restricted by your imagination.
  Everyone can be part of Timebanking as everyone has something to give.
Jeanette speaks with the aid of a video presentation
Jeanette Hansen is the CEO of the Springwood Neighbourhood Centre Cooperative sponsored by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.
With the help of Barbera and Mercia who are both active 'Timebankers',  Jeanette spoke on the subject of time banking.  The content of her address is best gained by viewing the following 'You Tube' video History of Timebanking
Barbara and Mercia both spoke about their experiences as active 'timebankers'  
Currently the Springwood 'Community Chest' has more that 2,000 hours.  There 235 volunteers and 36 organisation actively taking part in the timebanking scheme.
Barbara speaks as an active participant.
Interested !!!!
Then contact Springwood Neighbourhood centre Cooperative, Ground Floor,
Blue mountains Theatre & Community Hub,  108 Macquarie Road,  Springwood   NSW   2777.
Phone: 4751 3033.
Check out the website at

Wednesday October 4th 2017
Mark Jarvis (The "Carrington Hotel)

Mark Jarvis entertains us with his outstanding story 
The "Carrington" Hotel Katoomba
Mr Mark Jarvis is a partner in the company that owns and operates the "Carrington" Hotel in Katoomba.  Mark has a very distinguished financial and management background.  He is active in many local community organisations such as the Katoomba Chamber of Commerce and Community. 
He says that at the time they took over the hotel it was in a very dilapidated state, much the same as most of Katoomba.  Since tkaking over the "Carrington" he has been passionate about the upgrading facilities both in and around the "Carrington" as well as in the Katoomba environs. 
For example, The "Carrington" his group have built and continue to maintain the footpath gardens in Katoomba Street.  They have donated and continue to maintain the garden in the 'roundabout' opposite the railway bridge at the 'entrance' to Katoomba.   They are trying improve the infrastructure and presentation of tourist facilities and to encourage other businesses to follow their example.
Bendigo Bank  
Mark was also instrumental in the establishing the Katoomba branch of Bendigo Bank and remains heavily involved in the on-going operations of the bank.  Recently, in an Australia wide competition, the Katoomba Bendigo Bank was judged 3rd out of 300 community banks across Australia.  He is proud of the fact that the Bendigo Bank has donated $341,000 back to the local community.
Paul Harris Fellowship 
To acknowledge Mark's outstanding contribution and financial support to the local community the club presented Mark Jarvis with a Paul Harris Fellowship.
 Mark Jarvis and President Rosa after having just received his  Paul Harris Fellowship.