The following are interesting links gleaned in some case from guests speakers who have visited our club. 
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Nepean/Blue Mountains Prostate Cancer Support Group Inc
"You are not alone"
Prostate Cancer - an insidious disease that most men either fear or don’t want to know about.
But it is real. It is out there. It can sneak up on you without symptoms.
Maybe you need to get out of bed more than twice a night and go to the toilet. If that’s the case, and you are over the age of 45 years, seek medical advice.
David Wilkinson, president, Nepean/Blue Mountains Prostate Support Group, brought this message home to us at Central Blue Mountains Rotary, Wednesday 6th August 2017, when he was our guest speaker.
David is a prostate cancer survivor and he travels around as a member of the support group speaking to men and their partners about the need for men to have regular medical checks after the age of 45 years.
Prostate cancer is generally a slow growing disease and the majority of men with low grade prostate cancer live for many years without symptoms and without it spreading and becoming life-threatening. However, high-grade prostate cancer can spread quickly and can be lethal. Appropriate management is necessary.
David Wilkinson says his association is there to help.  It supports those who have prostate cancer, or suspect that they may have it and their carer’s, to ensure that such people know They are Not Alone.
“We have been operating for some years now and became an incorporated Association in March 2007, we are an approved DGR recipient with Australian tax office, which means that donations made to our association are tax deductible,” David said.
Further information is available on the association’s website: just ask Google to search for nepean blue mountains prostate cancer support group or contact David Wilkinson on 1300 13 38 78.
Phone: 1300 13 38 78