FREE TUCKER: Lawson Public School Principal, Matthew Jacobson and Ray Wiles of Central Blue Mountains Rotary Club serving breakfast.
It is well documented that kids who do not eat breakfast before going to school have a shorter attention span, tend to be listless and are unable to concentrate on their school work.
Lawson Public School accepted the challenge by establishing a school breakfast club which operates from 8.30am every Friday during school term. It’s free to all students.

Blue Mountains Gazette reported the story recently saying P&C members, Central Blue Mountains Rotary and Mountains Outreach Community Services (MOCS) set up the service each Friday to serve the hungry customers.

Students enjoy fresh fruit, cereal and warm creamy oats followed by honey or Vegemite toast.
Lawson Cake Shop supplies bread and Blue Mountains Food Co-op provides organic fruit.

Central Blue Mountains Rotary supplies milk and cereals and is delighted to be involved, ensuring that breakfast before school is available and kids do not start the day feeling hungry.