Not just another. . . . ROTARY CLUB
As a group of dedicated people, Central Blue Mountains Rotary, over the past 41 years, has grown in strength to become recognised for its “get up and go” attitude and determination to assist people locally and internationally whenever a need arises.
We Live Here          We Work Here          We Give Back 
It was an exciting occasion.  Wednesday, June 9, 1976, when the Rotary Club of Central Blue Mountains received its charter from the Governor, Rotary International, District 269, Allan L’Green.
Held at Springwood Civic Centre, 29 Rotary Clubs were represented among the 434 people who attended the charter night presentation.
In his official message Allan L’Green said it had been 12 years since a Rotary club was first considered in this area but thanks to the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Katoomba, charter president Stephen Wright, and with assistance from local citizens, the charter was finally granted to the Rotary Club of Central Blue Mountains on May 22, 1976.
He said the formation of a Rotary club with members drawn from the citizens of the small communities that straddle the Great Western Highway as it winds its way along the mountain ridge from Woodford to Leura is significant to all Rotarians in District 269 and to the citizens of this area, which we have entitled the “Central Blue Mountains”.
“The creation of this new club has been made possible by the unselfish and dedicated efforts of a group of Rotarians over the past two years,” Allan L’Green said.
“On behalf of all Rotarians in District 269, I offer my personal thanks to those good Rotarians responsible for creating this new club.
“It is the wish of us all that the new club will grow in strength, and like its sponsor club, Katoomba, will still be rendering great service to the community 40 years and more after receiving its charter.”
Official guests included mayor of Blue Mountains City Council, Ald. E.N. Lesslie and the State Member for Blue Mountains Ald. R.J. Clough, District Governor’s Representative Past president Terry Body and sponsor club President Allen Dickinson, Katoomba Rotary.
The mayor said: “I extend congratulations and warmest good wishes to the newly chartered Rotary Club of Central Blue Mountains.
“We are indeed fortunate to have so many service clubs in our area, the members of which are always ready and willing to serve the community and assist those in less fortunate circumstances.”
“May the Rotary Club of Central Blue Mountains grow and prosper in its membership and activities in the area it will serve from Woodford to Wentworth Falls and Leura, and may the charter president, officers and members find their membership in such a highly regarded service as Rotary, satisfying and rewarding.”