We are privileged at Central Blue Mountains to have two members elected as Rotary District Governors over a seven year period.
Jennifer Scott - District 9690, 2007-2008 and Ian Scott - District 9685, 2014-2015 
Being a District Governor might seem daunting, but for Ian Scott it was a three year adventure.
So you think you want to be a District Governor?  Well prepare yourself for a three year journey and one hell of a ride.
Three years of learning, training – both receiving and giving.  For some the role and work load might seem daunting but for Ian it was a three year adventure.
What did Ian find in District 9685?  Dedicated Rotarians doing innovative and inspiring projects both small and very large.
He found innovation, community involvement and hence success in clubs who realised that tried and true Rotary programs need to develop to meet the challenges of today and where drugs and the rise in youth suicide need not only words but action.
He found wonderful club based international programs being carried out in South Africa, Bolivia, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka to name just a few.  But the work at home never ceased.
But a highlight was undoubtedly attending the April 2015 Peace Conference in Istanbul and signing the Peace accord at the same time that Central Blue Rotary was in the midst of its Handshake for Peace attended by the Turkish Ambassador.
It quickly became clear to Ian that Rotary does in fact transcend politics and ideology. 
Jennifer coaches, motivates and inspires Rotary training leaders from around the world.
Jennifer now spends time each year in a coaching, motivating and inspiring role ... she Trains the Trainers.
Each year, governors elect and their spouses from all over the world attend an International Assembly in San Diego where they meet with Rotary leaders and participate in training and planning for their year ahead.
Forty international training leaders from around the world are chosen to facilitate the breakout sessions.
Each year, the RI president elect selects a male and female past international training leader to be seminar trainers.
They are tasked with training the training leaders and their spouses in specific techniques of facilitation and presentation skills.
In 2012 and 2013, Ian and Jennifer represented Australia as training leaders.  
For two consecutive years, Jennifer was selected to be the female Rotary International seminar trainer.
“We coach, motivate, and inspire the training leaders with a goal of moulding them into a team that can facilitate a group that is made up of individuals with multiple languages, cultures and customs”, Jennifer said.