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The Weekend Goulash Newsletter
20 May, 2022 
        Greetings fellow members,
Winter is in the air….
District Assembly training continued on Saturday 14th May with zoom sessions for Foundation Chairs (Viv and Allan Byrnes jointly hold this position), and Treasurer, which I attended.  There will be further sessions at Norwest next Saturday for Community (Ric Tasker), International (Eric Cantor), Youth (Elaine Manners) and Vocation (Brian Turner).
Monday the 16 May your Board met at the Grandview.  There were quite a few things to attend to, one being that the Treasurer, Yung Kim, has resigned. The Board has accepted his resignation and as a consequence, we now have a position vacant, Treasurer. Ian Scott has offered to act as Treasurer for three months to enable the Board to find a permanent treasurer (until June 2023).  Interested folk should contact me.
At the Board meeting, and again on Wednesday night, Eric addressed the need to raise a further $1,000 by individual donations to support the Astha Home’s decision to take on two girls, Sakriya Lama and Manish Lama (not sisters), as a replacement for Yenisha who has withdrawn from the home.  There have been two substantial donations and three of $50 each, getting us to within $350 of the target. Direct deposits to the Charities Account are appreciated.
Eric presented to the Board the costs to erect a shelter for the van, with the basic materials to be supplied by Mitre 10 Katoomba discounted to nearly cost price. This led to a discussion about the viability of the van and looking for ways to improve performance or seek an alternative income source.  A small committee, which has already met on Friday 20th May, was formed to investigate ways forward.
Our meeting on Wednesday was a “discussion” meeting, where some of these issues were discussed.  As stated, the catering van issues have resulted in a small committee being formed.
As you know last October Central Blue raised a great deal of money – Walking for Polio – and for some reason, this money does not show up as being credited to our Club. After several emails and with nothing being resolved, Rotary Office is looking into this, with a positive outcome being anticipated
On Thursday the 19th, our Food Bank was delivered to my place and from there was taken to our three very grateful charities – Thrive Katoomba and Lawson and Belong.
This brings us to our Breakfast Club. An interesting thing happened last week, a fair little boy came to my counter speaking very little English and I finally worked out what he wanted, some hot chocolate.  I asked him what language he spoke, nothing, then where was he born, still nothing, once again I tried and asked what country did you live in before coming to Australia; Ukraine!!! Isn’t that great?
We have some volunteers for our BBQ Saturday, the 28th May, but not nearly enough.  Please if anyone has some spare time, we really, really need your help. Speak, email, SMS, message Eric he will slot you in, or even better, just go to our calendar and put your name down, it’s really easy, honest!  One of the reasons we are short-handed is that four of our members are going to District Assembly on the same day.
We send our best wishes to Di Pixton who is going home at last after having a double knee replacement. Rest assured, Di, Paul has been keeping the place immaculate (well, that’s what he tells us)!
Ann Montague is finally well enough to come to our meeting on Wednesday. Tom is recovering well as are the Peters.
It is time that our newest friend, Heather-Maria Bierach, for her to join our Rotary Club!! Hopefully, her induction will take place when she returns from her honeymoon in early June, possibly the 15th June, 2022. She has the Board’s total approval.  I am very excited to have the privilege of inducting Heather; she will be the second person that I have had the privilege to induct as president.
Concerning the Survey that has been sent to all members, I have now received ten of them, I still need the other 16, please. It doesn’t take that long really and I do need to collate them as well.
Please Note:- Next week our meeting will be a transfer meeting; therefore there is no need to order your meal at the Grand View as we will not be there. Instead, we will celebrate Pride of Workmanship the next day, Thursday 26 May, at Katoomba RSL.  To date, 106 people are booked in.   Please pay directly into our Club’s Administration Account.
Stay warm and dry, until next week.
Welcome to Central Blue Mountains Rotary Club.
You could say that 2020 was a pivotal year for all of us in Rotary and the World!  We had to deal with a pandemic on many levels, personal, club and so on, and we did adapt and move forward.  It was hard not being able to carry out our projects face to face, but we did manage to focus our efforts on homelessness, food security and mental health.
We have continued dealing with the pandemic and its disruptions in 2021 and  into 2022, but remain committed to our projects at home and overseas.
We are hoping to learn and apply enduring lessons from operating in the pandemic, and we hope you can too.
Stay safe, and visit us at the Grandview hotel or on Facebook to see what we are up to.
Central Blue Mountains Rotary Club
Central Blue Mountains Rotary
We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
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